Map update: Syrian Army liberates 7 villages in Northeast Daraa .

The Syrian government troops keep on their wide-scale military campaign in Daraa province, making a remarkable advancement in Al-Lijat rocky plateau.
Field sources told Muraselon that the storming units – within 48 hours – were capable to establish control over seven hamlets located in the eastern part of Al-Lijat area.
The sources also pointed out that the latest ground troops advance achieved in a parallel with heavy airstrikes carried out by Syrian airforce on major rebel stronghold of Busr Al-Harir and Al-Mulaiha alsharqiyah, in preparation for storming them later.
Following the recapture of the long-lasting rebel bastion of Busr Al-Harir, the Syrian Army would cut all supply lines linking to Al-Lijat area and it would be completely isolated.

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