Daesh Training Camp for Children Uncovered in Syria (PHOTO, VIDEO)

A Sputnik video shows a Daesh training camp in the Hama province for children, who are also known as the “Young Lions of the Caliphate.”
A Syrian army source told Sputnik that a unit with government forces had discovered a training camp for children recruited by Daesh*.
The “Young Lions of the Caliphate,” a military training base for young terrorists, has been found in Eastern Hama Province. A damaged armored military Humvee was discovered by the entrance.

According to the military source, the camp had everything necessary for military training – obstacle courses, battle practice grounds and classrooms.
Daesh training camp for children
Earlier, a similar children’s training camp was discovered in Southern Damascus after the Syrian army liberated the Palestinian Yarmouk camp from the militants.
Daesh training camp for children

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