Bassil: Syria and Lebanon joint will to ensure return of displaced Syrians to their country

Lebanese caretaker Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil, said that the joint will of Syria and Lebanon would ensure a safe and dignified return for the displaced Syrian people to their country in sync with establishing safety and security in their areas.
Bassil’s remarks came during a press conference with the displaced Syrian’s committees in Arsal town on Wednesday.
Bassil said there are parties who are obstructing the return of the displaced Syrians, adding that the joint will of Lebanon and Syria is enough to ensure it.
He said that UNHCR seeks to forbid the return of Syrians but Lebanon encourages a safe and dignified return for them, which he said is a bone of contention with the international community.
“There are those who want to prolong the crisis in Syria and those who wish to end it,” Bassil added, considering that the return of displaced Syrians will guarantee a political solution in Syria and help in rebuilding the country.

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