VIDEO: Syrian forces seize huge amount of tanks in eastern Qalamoun

The Syrian military discovered large quantity of tanks, weapons and ammunition, as well as heavy vehicles and tanks, in the eastern Qalamoun mountains of the Damascus countryside, the official SANA news agency reported on Wednesday (May 16th).
The agency quoted two field commanders in the Syrian forces, saying that “weapons and ammunition were found in the Petra and Al-Rahiba mountains northeast of Qatifah, including rockets, mortars and anti-tank missiles.”
Al-Ikhbariya news agency posted a video showing the amount of hidden vehicles that uncovered while combing the liberated area by the Syrian forces.

The pictures, published by the SANA agency, show  T72, the T62 and the T55 tanks ,as well as various missiles, grenades and small and medium weapons.
The Syrian forces took control of eastern Qalamoon under an agreement signed with the factions of the “Liberation Army of Sham, Ahmad al-‘Abdu, Jaish Al-Islam, the HTS and Faylaq Al-Rahman”
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