Syrian Army surprisingly addresses Idlib's militants: "decide your destiny!"

On Sunday (27 May), Syrian army helicopters dropped leaflets on several villages and towns in the northern Idlib border with Turkey, demanding reconciliation.
The leaflets shows reconciliation and justice phrases, as well as images comparing the pre-crisis Syrian situation to the current situation in the areas under rebel control, images dead militants who were killed during the battles with the Syrian army.
The leaflets dropping comes after the Turkish military establishing the last observation point in Eshrabraq mountain of Lattakia, the same area where leaflets landed.

In accordance with the agreements reached in Astana, Turkey bears responsibility in the province of Idlib and it was agreed to deploy 12 control points on the border of the province.
The Turkish forces were unable to prevent clashes between the various armed groups and their terrorist operations, kidnappings and assassinations on the territory of Idlib.
Informed sources have confirmed to Muraselon that the Turkish army is looking to establish bordering safe zone with Turkey, which aims to prevent the flight of any Syrian or Russian aircraft, and impose Turkish control in the land and the air.
According to the private sources, the Turkish army is going to stage fake attack at the Turkish checkpoints in Idlib, which will strengthen its demand for bordering safe zone.

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