Syrian Army command releases statement following Israeli aggression and Syrian response

The Syrian Army command said that Air Defense of the Syrian Arab Army managed with high efficiency to intercept and destroy a large part of the Israeli missiles launched consecutively on Thursday at dawn at a number of military posts in several directions.
In a statement, the Army General Command said that “The Army’s confronting of another Israeli aggression affirms all over again the alertness of the Army and readiness to defend sovereignty of the homeland against any aggression.”
The statement added that the remaining part of the missiles resulted in the martyring of three people and the injuring of two, in addition to destroying a radar station and an ammunition depot.
The Army General Command also reaffirmed readiness to confront any aggression, stressing futility of attempts to support the devastating terrorism by blows of the Syrian Arab Army.
The Command concluded the statement by saying that these blatant aggressions will lead to more achievements in combating terrorism of all its forms all over the Syrian territories.
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