SDF and Iraqi Forces Advance to Daesh-Controlled Area on Syrian-Iraqi Border

Units of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are heading toward Syria’s border area of Dashishah, which is controlled by the Daesh terrorist group, with the support of the Iraqi Armed Forces, a spokeswoman of SDF’s Al-Jazeera Storm campaign Leilwa Abdullah told Sputnik on Tuesday.
“The operation will continue until the IS [Daesh] is ousted from regions east of the Euphrates and in the south of Al-Hasakah province. Now, the forces are heading to the region of Dashishah, which is located in the south of Al-Hasakah, in order to completely liberate it from the IS terrorists up to the Iraqi borders. This is happening in cooperation with the Iraqi armed forces in the joint operational headquarters,” she said.
Abdullah added that upon completion of the operation in Dashishah, SDF units would storm the village of Hajin, considered to be one of the last Daesh strongholds near the Syrian-Iraqi border.
Earlier this year, Iraqi authorities reported on several occasions that the Iraqi Air Force was attacking Daesh-controlled border areas in Syria.

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