Pictures: Syrian authorities uncover arsenal weaponry for rebels in southern Damascus

The Syrian authorities – on Monday – uncovered medical equipment, weapons, communication devices, lathes and vehicles in the towns of Yalda, Babila and Beit Sahem in southern Damascus.
SANA’s reporter said that ammunition caches and a number of stolen vehicles were discovered by the army during its sweeping operations in the towns of Beit Sahem, Babila and Yalda.
Several photographs published by state media, emerge the stolen medical equipment along with various types of weapons and ammunition.
Locally-made rocket shells, mortar rounds, RPG rounds, bombs, communication devices were among the discovered weapons.
Similarly, the Syrian troops managed to seize Israeli ammo boxes along with network on trenches in the former ISIS pocket of southern Damascus.
On April 29, an agreement reached between three rebel-held areas of “Beit Sahem, Babila and Yalda” in south Damascus with the Syrian government.

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