Rebels : Syrian army bombards us with new guided missile and from unfamiliar distances!

Media reports revealed that the Syrian army has a new guided missile system with a range of 10 km, for the first time in the history of the Syrian war.
The rebel group operating in northern Hama countryside of “Jaish Al-Izzah” complained that the Syrian units have a new guided missile system that can destroy specific targets with concentrated rounds.
The recent complained expressed by their own media outlets after a Russian missile struck their leader’s vehicle from 7km distance in Al-latamnah town of northern Hama.
The Jaish Al-Izzah said that the Syrian army was using a previous system of guided missiles with a maximum range of 5.5 km. These days, the Syrian army began a new activity in Al-Ghab plain in the western Hama countryside, by targeting the rebels vehicles from too far distance and unfamiliar.
“The Kornet D is one of the best anti-tank weapons in the world,” expert Andrei Kushkin told a Russian website, commenting on information on the use of guided Kornet-D missiles to destroy the mechanisms of jihadist groups in Syria.
Kornet-D is a Russian ATGM platform based on the GAZ-2975. It employs Kornet-EM missiles in both tandem-HEAT or thermobaric variants.

It is capable of launching a salvo of two missiles less than a second apart, either at a single target or at two different targets simultaneously.

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