Massive Fire in Dubai's Skyscraper, Smoke Coming From Zen Tower (PHOTO, VIDEO)

According to witnesses, huge plumes of smoke have been coming from the Dubai Marina area and people have been evacuated from the Zen tower.
Dubai Civil Defense has taken the fire under control, which broke out in Zen Tower in the Dubai Marina area amidst extremely windy and dusty weather conditions. The building has been evacuated safely and no injuries have been reported.
The Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, has repeatedly suffered from fires in its high buildings.
Twitter users have been posting photos and videos of the fire.

Dubai, a skyscraper-studded city, passed new fire safety rules last year demanding buildings with quick-burning side paneling to replace it with more fire-resistant cladding.
The city authorities have previously acknowledged that at least 30,000 buildings across the UAE have cladding or paneling that safety experts have said accelerates the rapid spread of fires.

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