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Israeli Forces on High Alert Over 'Unusual Spike in Iran's Activity' in Syria

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has deployed its defence systems and are “on high alert for an attack,” after identifying what it said was “irregular activity of Iranian forces in Syria”.
The IDF has also ordered local authorities in the Golan Heights, controlled by Israel, to “unlock and ready (bomb) shelters.”
The Israeli leadership have been for a long time accusing Iran of having military presence in Syria and even having a base there, claims that Tehran has strongly refuted as groundless, though admitting sending military advisors to train troops loyal to Damascus.
Earlier this week, reports circulated in the media that Iran was preparing response to alleged Israeli attacks on Iranian facilities in Syria.
Relations between Tel Aviv and Tehran has been tense over the past time, with Israel viewing Iranian activities in Syria as a threat to national security. Israel has repeatedly claimed that Iran was allegedly building a permanent military base south of country’s capital of Damascus.
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