Homs map: Syrian forces maintain control over swath of lands following reconciliation deal

The Syrian forces managed – on Tuesday – to enter several towns and villages located in the northern countryside of Homs province, following reconciliation deal with the rebel groups.
Field sources told Muraselon that the Syrian police supported by army men have entered the years-long stronghold of “Talbisah” in northern Homs, after the last patch of rebels were completely evacuated.
SANA agency reported that “several buses entered al-Holeh and Talbessa areas in the northern countryside of Homs on Tuesday to transport terrorists unwilling to settle their status along with their families”
“the internal security forces entered the villages of Ezz-Eddin, Salim, al-Hamrat, al-Qneitrat, al-Hamis and Hemimeh in northern countryside of Homs after being completely evacuated from terrorists” SANA added.
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