Head-shots video: Houthi sniper shows off his talent by killing 3 Saudi soldiers.

Yemeni rebel fighter has shot-dead three Saudi soldiers by sniper rifle from long distance approximate as 600 meters in southern Yemen.
Battleground footage released by Yemeni sources, features moment 3 Saudi solders being shot by Houthi fighter in Taizz province in south of the capital Sana’a.
Also, according to Houthi source, “Artillery of the army and the popular committees have targeted a base for the Saudi military in Al-Baq’eh desert of Najran inflicting direct hit
Al-Masirah outlet cited on Wednesday that “The missile force of the army and the popular committees on Wednesday evening, fired a ballistic missile of type “Badr 1″ on the vital port of Jizan in the depth of Saudi Arabia”
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