Video: Former eastern Qalamoun militants rushing to join the Syrian Armed Forces

.Tens of former eastern Qalamoun militants have been queued in a Syrian Army volunteering post inside their recently liberated towns to join the Syrian Armed Forces.
From their part, Syrian army officers are working to register the names, ages of the volunteers as well as personal information in a tent was set up for this purpose in the town of Al-ruhaibah
“As you know, the eastern Qalamoon remained for a long time under the control of the militants. Today, after our armed forces expelled them from the town, we decided not to remain spectators.
You see the numbers that came to volunteer. No one forced them. It was their personal wish,” said one of the volunteers, Mohammed Toukman.
He added: “We know that there are some pockets in Syria are still under the control of the insurgents, and we will not be silent on that, we want to expel them from our country”

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