Damascus Files Complaint to UN After US-Led Coalition Airstrikes – Reports

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has submitted a letter of complaint to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the United Nations Security Council president in the wake of the airstrikes carried out by the US-led coalition near the Syrian northeastern city of Hasakah on Tuesday, state media reported on Wednesday.
On Tuesday, Syrian media reported that the US-led coalition had carried out airstrikes on residential areas in the al-Fadel village in the Hasakah countryside, leaving more than 25 civilians killed and over 100 injured and inflicting serious damage to infrastructure.
According to the letter, quoted by the SANA news agency, Damascus stressed that the continuation of the US-led international coalition’s “massacres” against the Syrian people aimed to undermine sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria and prolong the crisis in the Arab Republic.
The letter also accused Washington of “systematic support” for the remnants of the Daesh terrorist group and re-deployment of Daesh militants under the disguise of separatist militias loyal to the United States.
In the letter, the ministry also urged the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibility for international peace and security and prevent the recurrence of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the coalition, as well as put an end to the latter’s “illegitimate presence” on Syrian soil.
The US-led coalition of more than 70 members is conducting military operations against Daesh in Syria and Iraq since September 2014. The coalition’s strikes in Iraq are conducted in cooperation with Iraqi officials, but those in Syria are not authorized by the government of President Bashar Assad or the United Nations Security Council.

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