Amazing footage .. The battle for the Yarmouk camp

The Syrian Arab Army recently launched a powerful assault to capture the Yarmouk Camp District from the Islamic State (ISIS) in the southern part of Damascus.
On Friday, ANNA News released a 20 minute long video of the Syrian Arab Army advancing through the Islamic State’s heavily fortified defenses and liberating several areas from the terrorist group.
As shown in the latter half of the video, the Syrian Army’s 4th Division and Liwaa Al-Quds canbe seen advancing along the eastern axis of the Tadamon District, despite heavy resistance from ISIS.
The Syrian Army and their Palestinian allies have made remarkable progress so far in southern Damascus, but the battle for the Yarmouk Camp is still not fully underway.
Once the battle for the Yarmouk Camp begins, it is expected to be far more costly than any of the other battles that have taken place in this part of the capital . (AMN)
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