VIDEO: Residents of former rebel-held area greeted the liberation of E Ghouta with folk festival

The city of Kafr Batna met the news of the complete liberation of Eastern Ghouta from rebels with mass folk festivals.
Residents of the city came to the main square with Syrian flags and expressed their gratitude to the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian military police.
a Reporter of the Federal News Agency (FAN) visited the city and took a video from the “Kafr Batna” city which is located in the southern part of the former enclave of militants.
This city along with the neighboring “Saqba” were liberated on March 18 this year.
Local residents also noted that “The eastern Ghouta is now completely cleaned of terrorists”,¬†expressing their willingness to work side by side with the Syrian authorities, in order to restore – as soon as possible -the infrastructure objects damaged by militants and their homes.

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