Van strikes pedestrians in Toronto, up to 10 people injured

A white van has struck a number of pedestrians in Toronto, with police reporting that between eight and ten people have been injured. However, the extent of their injuries is not yet known.
The incident on Yonge Street and Finch Avenue East occurred just after 1 pm local time, according to the Toronto Police Department.

According to local reports police have detained the driver of the vehicle. The area has been closed off.
The live pictures broadcast from the scene by local TV shows a number of police and emergency vehicles covering the intersection.
Several people are seen being treated on the sidewalk and several are being taken into emergency vehicles. A video from the site has emerged online.
The thoroughfares of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue East are located close to a metro station in east-west Toronto. The Toronto Transport Commission has closed off the Yonge Street station due to the police investigation.
Police have not confirmed about the reports on shooting.