US Senator: Syria Chemical Weapons attack was a rigged “false flag”

Virginia State Senator Richard Black slammed as baseless the allegations of using Chemical Weapons by the Syrian Army in Douma city in Eastern Ghouta, accusing the so-called al-Qaeda-linked “While Helmets” of fabricating this scenario.
Senator Black, according to the Global Research website, wondered about the reason which makes the Syrian Army uses the Chlorine gas as long as it achieves successive victories and before one day of evacuating “ Jaish al-Islam” terrorists from Douma.
The US senator questioned veracity of the allegations about the use of the Chemical Weapons in Douma which was denied by a doctor at the city’s main hospital.
“ There was a doctor, from the hospital, from the main hospital in Douma, who has said, ‘We haven’t received any casualties. Nobody has been sent in.” Black clarified.
He likened the US accusations of using toxic gas before issuance of the investigation results to those allegations upon which Iraq was invaded.
The US Senator called for ending the US military presence in Syria.

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