Syrian Parl't Denies Reports About Assad Introducing Property Confiscation Bill

Syrian President Assad has never issued a decree which allows for property of Syrian people, who fail to provide documents confirming their ownership of said property, to be confiscated, Secretary of the Syrian People’s Council Khaled Abboud told Sputnik, stressing that such actions would contradict the nation’s constitution.

“There is no decree on this subject. And, in my opinion, such a decree would violate the constitution… Areas are being returned to the Syrian army, which represents the Syrian government, which is responsible for its citizens,” Abboud said.

The Syrian government understands that today many Syrians do not have the opportunity to reach their homes, and that many of them were forced to leave because of terrorism, according to the official.

In this regard, how can one issue such a decree when citizens cannot reach their property rights certificates in order to confirm it,” Abboud stressed.

At the same time, he noted that over time, Syrian citizens may be asked to confirm their ownership, since many areas had been damaged or destroyed during the war.

“But I do not think that we will come to this stage soon. Especially bearing in mind that the [Syrian] army has not finished the liberation yet,” Abboud underlined.

On Thursday, Germany’s Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported, citing the country’s Foreign Ministry, that Assad had signed a decree under which Syrians could lose their property if they failed to register their ownership within a period of 30 days. Berlin criticized the measure, calling on Syria’s allies, including Russia, to prevent the decree from being implemented, according to the media outlet.

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