Surge of assassinations struck HTS-held Idlib province – Reports

Idlib province witnessed a number of assassinations targeted various prominent militants leaders, one of them serving in the “Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham”, just two days after the deal to end the Idlib fighting.
Opposition media outlets cited that, the HTS leader ” Abu Al-Ward” was killed with his companion after shooting his car by unknown assailants in Muarrat Al-Numan town.
Furthermore, a prominent rebel leader in Jaish Al-Ahrar “Abu Salim Bensh” was also assassinated in the outskirts of the city of “Bennish”, according to sources.
The conflicting parties of “Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham” and the rebel mixed faction of “Jabhat Tahrir Souria” have agreed to cease-fire situation in western Aleppo and Idlib province.
The fighting began on 20 February, after the merger of Ahrar al-Sham and Noor al-Din al-Zanki in the “Jabhat Tahrir Souria”.
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