WATCH Pro-Gov't Militia Allegedly Shell US-Backed Base in Syria

Video footage has emerged showing what was reported to be an attack on a former Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) base by Syria’s largest pro-government militia network.
The base, which is located in the village of Ayn Issa, was previously used by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
Known as Syria’s largest pro-government militia network, the National Defense Forces have repeatedly signaled readiness to continue their struggle against the Syrian Democratic Forces and US servicemen stationed in Syria, in a bid to prod then to withdraw from the Arab country.

Earlier this month, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the humanitarian situation in the city of Raqqa remains complicated as up to 30 civilians die due to mines every week.
Raqqa had been under the control of Daesh* militants since 2013; the city was declared their self-proclaimed capital” a year later.

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