Russian newspaper reveals details of supplying Damascus with "S-300" anti-air systems

The “Kommersant” newspaper revealed that Russia is going to deliver the Russian-made S-300 air defense system.
The newspaper quoted Russian military sources did not disclose their names, saying that “the issue of supplying the Syrian army with” S-300 ” systems which politically-oriented has been almost resolved”
The Syrian government forces are expected to be able to support the establishment of a multi-level security system within a short period of time, protecting Damascus and Syrian military bases from possible missile strikes.
It also takes three months training for the Syrian army to use the S-300, which requires – in the initial stage – the presence of Russian military in locations where the systems will be interconnected.
The sources said that the S-300 was planned to be supplied to Syria free of charge in the framework of military and technical assistance, pointing out the possibility of supplying the Syrian army with the systems previously used by Russian military forces.
Moscow believes that the deployment of S-300 systems in Syria will contribute to stabilizing the situation there and will prevent the implementation of Israeli and US-led coalition plans to destroy civilian and military infrastructures.