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Russia sends new air-defense system to Syria – Kommersant

The Russian daily “Kommersant” quoted a diplomatic source as saying that Russia sent new air-defense systems to Syria and arrived in Tartous port a week ago.
The source, in an interview with the newspaper, confirmed the reports that talked about supplying the Syrian government forces with the Russian-made systems of the “S -300” , saying: “The talk is about additional batch of systems “Pantsir-S1″ type, which was delivered to Tartous last week” .
The “Pantsir-S1” a combined short to medium range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system, as Russia uses it to defend its bases in Syria.
Sources from the Russian Defense Ministry said earlier that Russia had transported from 36 to 40 of the Pantsir system to the Syrian forces.
Two days ago, The newspaper quoted Russian military sources did not disclose their names, saying that “the issue of supplying the Syrian army with” S-300 ” systems which politically-oriented has been almost resolved”

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