Hundreds of militants from Qalamoun to northern Syria in new deal with government

Opposition media outlets declared – on Monday – that an agreement was reached between “Al-Dumair” city militants and the Syrian Army concluding the rebels’ departure from eastern Qalamoun to unidentified destination in northern Syria.
The sources said that “the lengthy-negotiations took place between the Syrian and Russian sides with representatives of militants, reached a final formula that leads to their exit from the town, handing over their weapons in addition to have their statues settled.”
So far, the final destination of “Al-Dumair” militants has not been announced. According to the opposition sources, discussions are under way in northern Syria to determine their exit, in coordination with the rebel factions there.
The eastern Qalamoun region is the last stronghold of rebel groups in the countryside of Damascus, controlled by “Ahmad al-Abdo”, “Army of Islam” and “Ahrar al-Sham” factions, as Damascus seeks to conclude reconciliation agreements in the region.
The military had recently announced the control of the entire eastern Ghouta region, after a military operation forced the militants to surrender and move to the north of Syria.

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