Pharmaceutical research institute one of the triple aggression’s targets

Few of the missiles launched by the three countries involved in the aggression against Syria, despite being many, have hit their intended targets. Among these was one which struck a scientific research center specialized with cancer medicine in Barzeh, causing extensive damage to the scientific facility.
The work of the facility, called the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Research Institute, is centered on preparing the chemical compositions for cancer drugs, and conducts chemical analyses of the materials entering Syria which are used in pharmaceutical and food industries, one of the institute’s technicians explains.

Overall, the institute develops the basic components for many drugs used for curing cancer, amid coercive economic measures against Syria that have left these kinds of medicines in short supply, he added.
The institute’s labs were once used by the OPCW team and the fact-finding mission as a center to collect samples and conduct their work, he indicated, with the latest two reports by the watchdog organization clearing the institute of any charges of developing chemical weapons’ industries.

The triple aggression launched by the US, France and UK have got ahead of results by the OPCW team which is yet to commence investigation and sample taking in the alleged site of a chemical attack in Douma city.

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