Kurds Expose US-Led Coalition's New Bases in Northern Syria

The co-chairman of the defense committee in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) has signaled his readiness to destroy terrorists based in the east of the Euphrates and in northern Syria as a whole.
Rezan Gilo, the joint chief of defense in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava), has told Sputnik that the international coalition led by the US is building new bases in northern Syria.

“Yes, the international coalition is building new bases in Manbij, and it is connected with military plans. … Be it US bases or French ones, we are interacting with it [the coalition] rather than the countries. In general, the construction of bases is underway in northern Syria, especially in the east of the Euphrates,” Gilo said.

According to him, Daesh* managed to partly recover its forces thanks to the pro-Turkish forces in Afrin and a threat of an attack on Manbij and other areas in northern Syria.

“Whether the Americans will decide to leave or stay on [in Syria], we hope for their strength, as well as the strength of our people and our fighters. The presence of the US-led coalition helps us combat terrorists. But in any case, we are ready to obliterate the terrorists in the east of the Euphrates and in northern Syria as a whole,” Gilo pointed out.

He stressed that the US-led coalition building military bases in northern Syria is part of its cooperation with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
According to him, the new bases will be used by Arab-Kurdish paramilitary forces, in coordination with coalition troops. Several such bases are located in Manbij, a city which Gilo said remains a coordination hub of the coalition and the SDF.
Earlier this week, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported that the US military had established two bases in northern Syria’s Manbij region, which is facing the threat of a Turkish offensive.
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According to the media source, on April 1, about 300 US soldiers arrived in Manbij with a convoy comprising a considerable number of armored vehicles and construction machines.

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