More than 40,000 persons return homes in towns of Eastern Ghouta

Thousands of civilians returned homes in the villages and towns of Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside after the Syrian Arab Army restored security and stability to them and eradicated the Takfiri terrorist organizations from them.
A military source said Tuesday that the number of those who returned homes in Eastern Ghouta reached more than 40,000 persons so far.
The return of the locals to all villages and towns which were liberated by the army from terrorism continues, the source added.
Meanwhile, SANA’s reporters said that the engineering units continue to comb the villages and towns of Eastern Ghouta for dismantling the mines and explosives which were planted by terrorists in the houses, streets and main squares.
The army units, in cooperation with the police units, are working on providing all facilitations and aid needed for the return of the locals to their homes.
Damascus Countryside Police Command reactivated the work of the police units in Jisrin, Erbin and Harasta in eastern Ghouta and deployed regular patrols to enhance security and safety and to protect the popular and private properties in them.
The reporters said that the workshops continue removing the debris, opening the streets and rehabilitating the health and services centers and the schools to receive students.
On Monday, Damascus Countryside Education Directorate announced the return of more than 12,000 students to their schools in Eastern Ghouta and the makeshift centers.

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