Militants Were Ordered to Attack in Syria After Possible US Strike – Moscow

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya noted that the US is apparently playing out a military scenario in Syria, which can have grave consequences for the global security, taking into consideration the fact that Russian military forces are present in the country.
Moscow has information that militants were ordered to launch an offensive in Syria after Washington’s possible military action in the country, according to the envoy. He added that terrorists would benefit from feasible attack on Syrian government troops.

“We continue to observe dangerous preparations for an illegal military action against a sovereign state in breach of international law. Not only the use of force, but also a threat to use it violates the UN Charter,” Nebenzya said at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

According to him, Washington is enacting a military scenario in Syria, which can have grave consequences for global security. Nebenzya went on saying that Washington will have to pay for such a scenario as well as for previous interventions.
The Russian envoy has called on the US and its allies to reconsider their decisions on Syria, stressing that Moscow is ready to engage in cooperation.
According to the ambassador, the recent events in Iraq and Libya demonstrate that the US partners have a purely consumer-oriented attitude towards the Security Council.
“They need the Council as a cover for Iraqi test tubes,” Nebenzya said, referring to the 2003 US-led Iraqi intervention prompted by the unfounded allegations that Baghdad was in posession of chemical weapons.

“You show us the same virtual empty test tube now. Irresponsible US behavior that violates international law and the sovereignty of states is unworthy of a permanent member of the UN Security Council,” the envoy added.


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