Map Update: Syrian Army snatches 5 villages from SDF in east Euphrates

The Syrian Army has recaptured 5 villages located on the eastern bank of the Euphrates following clashes with the US-backed militiamen, a military source said.
“Units of the Syrian Arab Army managed to liberate 5 villages formerly held by the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)”, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quoted a Syrian military source.
The advance is the first of its kind after the US airstrikes hit the Syrian Popular Forces while gaining ground against ISIS in al-Tabiyah and al-Khisham towns.
Pro-opposition media reported that the US-backed militia sent reinforcements to curb the Syrian Army’s advance. Two US Apache helicopters took off from al-Omar oilfield toward the contested area, the same sources added.
Tensions between Russian and the US escalated recently following unconfirmed reports that several Russian troops were killed in the US aerial bombardment.
A source at the Pentagon commented that the ‘hotline’ for Syrian airstrikes prevented a military showdown between the two world powers.
In a related context, leaked information pointed out that the US military had set up a new airbase near al-Omar; Syria’s largest oilfields.

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