Graphic content(+18): Iraqi security forces kill ISIS top "Emir" in Ramadi

The Iraqi police announced – on Wednesday – that a number of militants, including the Islamic state “Wali” were killed in the desert of Tharthar, north of Ramadi after clashes with a special unit of Al-Anbar police.
The Iraqi police said that, the armed group was planning to carry out terrorist operations.
“Anbar police force carried out a proactive security operation in the desert of Tharthar, north of Ramadi, resulted in killing a number of members of the Daash organization (ISIS), including the ‘Wali’ of northern Ramadi, the so-called Omar Safok.” The Iraqi police added.

The Anbar police chief, Major General Hadi Razaih, said that “the operation is one of the ongoing operations to pursuit ISIS terrorists who fled to the desert of Anbar, after the fully defeat of the terror group in the cities of the province.”

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