Foreign Ministry: Syria warns of dangerous repercussions of Israeli assaults on Syrian territories

Syria has warned of the grave repercussions of the assaults launched by the Israeli occupation on the Syrian territories and its constant support for the terrorist organizations, stressing that the Israeli aggression on the T-4 Airport in the countryside of Homs would not have been possible without the US limitless support.
In a letter to UN Secretary-General and UNSC President, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said “ In the framework of its policies based on practicing state terror and providing constant support for the armed terrorist groups as well as violating UNSC resolution No. 350 for 1974 on separating forces, in addition to UNSC resolutions and international acts on counterterrorism, the authorities of the Israeli occupation renewed aggression against the Syrian territories on April 9th 2018, with the Israeli F15 jets launching missiles from the Lebanese airspace on T-4 airport in Homs province,” adding that the Syrian Air Force downed some of these missiles. Several Syrian citizens were either killed or injured during the attack.
The Ministry continued to say that this Israeli attack constitutes an indirect response to the Syrian Arab Army’s success in repelling the armed terrorist groups from the outskirts of Damascus city, Damascus Countryside and other areas nationwide, after these groups went too far in their terror atrocities of killing, kidnapping civilians and using them as human shields, firing more than 3000 shells on Damascus only during the past three months, killing 155 people and injuring 865 others.
The Ministry continued to say that the Syrian Arab Republic warns Israel over the dangerous repercussions of its attacks on the country and its constant support for armed terrorist groups, as well as its continued occupation of the Arab territories including Golan, adding that the repeated Israeli aggression on Syria has never been able to protect Israel’s partners and agents represented by the terrorist groups, nor were they able to distract the Syrian Arab Army from achieving success against terrorism.
The Syrian Arab Republic will spare no effort to defend its territories, people and sovereignty by all possible means guaranteed by the UN Charter and the provisions of the international human law and the international law.
It concluded the letter by saying that Syria urges the UNSC to carry out its responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security, to condemn these blatant Israeli aggressions and adopt strict and prompt measures to prevent their recurrence.

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