First operation of the Tiger Forces has initiated in northern Homs pocket (Map + Video)

The elite Syrian task force of the Tiger Forces have been deployed in northern Homs countryside in order to combat the extremist group of Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham “HTS” in the area.
Activists on social media posted several photographs emerge long and large reimbursement convoy was heading from eastern Qalamoun region to northern Homs, consisting of 100 technical vehicles, Tanks and BMP.
These forces, which constitute the striking force in the Syrian army, participated in the battle of liberating the eastern Ghouta. The Qalamoun issue was also solved within three days, and now it is on the way to handle another issue; the HTS headquarters in Homs-Hama pocket.

Since early morning of Sunday, the Syrian and Russian jets have conducted dozens of airstrikes, bombing the terrorists sites in preparation for a wide-scale military campaign.
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