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Damascus Countryside Governorate: citizens of Harasta will return to their city tomorrow

The General Establishment for Roads and Bridges started its work on removing the rubble and debris from the international highway of Harasta and the minor roads in the area to rehabilitate them as soon as possible.

The announcement came during a tour made by Damascus Countryside Governor, Alaa Ibrahim, and Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer protection, Abdullah al-Gharbi, to the International highway of Harasta and Harasta Suburb.
Ibrahim and al-Gharbi inspected on Sunday Harasta, suburb of Harasta, Erbeen, Zmalka, Ein Tarma, Hazeh, Kafr Batna and Jisreen towns in the countryside of Damascus to evaluate the required services needed for the area.
Al-Gharbi emphasized the ministry’s readiness to provide all the needs of the people in the liberated areas and those returning to them, noting that 400 to 450 tons of food and relief supplies are distributed daily to Eastern Ghouta citizens in the liberated areas and make-shift centers.
There is a mobile bakery in Harasta right now and the work on the rehabilitation of bread production plant will be completed within ten days in the area, al-Gharbi said, adding that the Ministry will open new sell outlets for the Syrian trade in all areas soon.
In turn, Damascus Countryside Governor announced that the return of the people to Harasta city will start on Monday after restoring security to the city and expelling terrorism out.


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