Will southwest Syria be the next battle after East Ghouta?

Having secured almost 85% of the East Ghouta enclave though either achieving sweeping military victories or concluding evacuation deals, the Syrian forces will most probably be heading to the country’s south in order to secure the borders with Jordan.
Recently, the United Stated unloaded LIBERTY PRIDE Ro-Ro ship in Jordan which contains M1 Abrams tanks, M 113 armored personnel carrier and M3 Bradley.
on March 11, Spokesperson of the Khmeimim base, Alexander Ivanov warned that “after securing the perimeters of the capital [city] Damascus, [we seek] to eliminate terrorists present south of the country.”
The next day, Syrian fighter jets conducted several airstrikes against militant positions in several areas in Daraa province.
Washington called on restraint. Even though multiple pro-opposition media outlets claimed that the US is preparing an all-out invasion in southwest Syria, a Pentagon official declared that the US is mainly focused on defeating the Islamic State rather than ‘monitoring the de-escalation zones’.

With its economy greatly badly affected by Syrian war, Amman is desperately seeking to re-open Nassib border crossing to reinvigorate its economy. Jordan had previously failed to convince the Syrian opposition to hand over this vital crossing to the Syrian government.
The Syrian Army will definitely make it to the Jordanian borders sooner or later. It might as well use the same tactics of Eastern Ghouta by dividing the territories of rival armed opposition groups and compel them to make separate concessions.
But, will the Syrian opposition attack the Syrian forces along the Damascus-Daraa highway?

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