WATCH | Video Footage Shows Elite Syrian Forces Storm E.Ghouta Militants sites

On Sunday , government troops spearheaded by Tiger Forces  initiated ground operation in the eastern Ghouta region, east of Damascus
Yesterday , Military source told Muraselon website that the Syrian army units captured the air defense base called ( Pechora regiment base) located north of Utaya town in Easten  Ghouta after a swift night assault done by SAA units targeting militant positions in the area.
The night assault launched from Syrian army positions in recently captured Hawsh Dawahra town .
Video Footage shared by Ruptly shows Syrian Army forces storm Jaish al-Islam’s lines of defence in Hawsh al-Dawahira town .

Footage filmed after 14:00 local time (12:00 GMT) on Wednesday afternoon shows the SAA taking control over several strategic locations including Hawsh al-Dawahira and the Shifuniya crossroad, as well as several farms from the area.

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