US Caught Evacuating More Daesh Leaders in Syria – State Media

Civilian sources told Syrian state media Monday that three US helicopters had evacuated suspected Daesh (ISIS) commanders from northeast Syria.

Speaking to SANA, the sources said that the military helicopters had landed in an area between the villages of al-Jissi and Kalu, 2 km south of the Tal Hamis township in the Qamishli District of al-Hasakah Governate.

From there, servicemen accompanied four persons from a house believed to contain Daesh leaders of Iraqi nationality to the helicopters, which then evacuated them from the area to an unknown destination.

Damascus, Tehran and the Russian military have repeatedly charged the US military of sketchy dealings with the terrorist group.
In late February, Syrian media reported that US helicopters had transported Daesh commanders and their family members to Sabah al-Khair, about 20 km south of al-Hasakah, where US forces have been accused of establishing a terrorist training base.
Earlier this month, a senior Iranian commander provided the Iranian foreign ministry with what he said was proof of US collusion with the terrorists.
Late last year, the Russian Defense Ministry accused the US-led coalition of interacting with Daesh’s remnants in Syria, and of using the Al-Hasakah refugee camp as a militant-training area for the formation of a so-called ‘New Syrian Army’ consisting of hundreds of Islamist militants, to continue the fight against the Syrian government.
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