Terrorists Preparing Chemical Attack in Idlib – Syrian UN Envoy

Damascus has stated that a number of foreign specialists are working on staging a chemical attack which will be extensively covered by western media and will involve the notorious White Helmets group.
Another false flag “incident” featuring chemical weapons in Syria is may take place in the Idlib province, where terrorists are operating at the instigation of several Western countries, Syria’s permanent representative at the United Nations said on March 27.
“States-sponsors of terrorism have instructed the terrorists to use chemical weapons again,” Bashar Jaafari stated. “This theatrical gesture will be carried out with the participation of a number of countries, the White Helmets, and will be covered in Western media”, he said adding that foreign experts preparing the attack will involve women and children.
Jaafari specified that the presumed attack will see poisonous gas used against civilians.
“The victims will be transferred to Israeli hospitals. This all will take place on the Syria-Turkey border”, he noted.

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