Syrian army uncovers bodies of troops from mass grave west of Raqqah

Bodies belonging to more than 200 Syrian soldiers who were massacred by Daesh in the Takfiri terrorist group’s former bastion have been exhumed from mass graves in eastern Syria.
Local military sources in Raqqah, a city recently liberated from the grip of Daesh, said Saturday that graves containing the bodies of Syrian troops who had reportedly been killed in a mass execution in a desert near Raqqah, were discovered earlier in the day just west of the Tabaqa Military Airport in the city.
The sources said at least 45 bodies of troops had been uncovered as of mid-Saturday and more were expected to emerge as the operation continued.
Daesh established its de facto capital in Raqqah in 2014 after it overran territories in Syria and Iraq. The group committed some of the most heinous crimes against civilians and military forces, according to images and videos published which later emerged online.
Troops whose bodies have been discovered in Raqqah are believed to have been massacred in a desert outside the city after Daesh marched them and rained them with bullets.
Syria has lost thousands of its military forces since the start of its fights against militancy seven years ago. Pro-government forces have managed to recapture many territories from the militants over the past two years. Major cities now liberated include Raqqah and Dayr al-Zawr in east and Aleppo in north of the country.

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