SAA begins preliminary shelling on rebel-held town in a bid to split E Ghouta into half

The government forces are gaining the upper-hand liberating large areas in the besieged years-long opposition enclave of the eastern Ghouta region.
“The elite combat troops are now engaging into heavy battles against the terrorists of Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sahm in the eastern vicinity of Misraba town as part of its ultimate duty” Military source told Muraselon.
At the meantime, the Syrian forces preparing to storm the last rebel-held town of Misraba which separated the attacking forces in “Ab Douma” from the government-held of the military vehicles base.
Once the Misraba town is captured, practically the eastern Ghouta region will be fallen into two small besieged pockets.
Yesterday, the Army troops managed to liberate “Al-Muhammadiyah” town that located in the southern sector of the embattled Ghouta.
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