'Russia Should Go Away and Shut Up' – UK Defense Minister

Speaking in Bristol on March 15, the British Defense Minister commented on what Russian might do in retaliation to the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats from the UK. “Russia should go away and should shut up. But the government will consider what it does. It would be wrong to prejudge it,” he said.
During his first keynote speech since becoming Secretary of State last year, Williamson has outlined the threats faced by the UK, modernization of the Defense Program, further investments in the armed forces, and the British response to the poisoning of the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal.
One of the questions posed to Williamson by a reporter in the audience was: “Russia has said it will expel British diplomats from Moscow. Has the UK got a further package of measures it could unleash in response? And could this include a military response?”

“What we will do is look at what Russia responds to what we have done. It’s absolutely atrocious what Russia did in Salisbury. We have responded to that. Frankly, Russia should go away and should shut up. But if they do respond to the action we have taken, we will considerate it carefully and we will look at our options  but it would be wrong to prejudge our response,” Williamson replied.


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