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Map update | Syrian Army advances into several key towns across Eastern Ghouta

The Syrian Army has made advances in several key towns after an entire day of storming operations against terrorist groups throughout Eastern Ghouta.
At the Hamouriya town, the Syrian Army managed to take all of the eastern and northern farms around the residential area. Many dozens of terrorists from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Nusra Front) and Failaq al-Rahman have been killed and injured in the ongoing battle.
After big battle around Jisrin town, government troops crossed the river to the district’s east, captured important overlooking points to the south and entered the residential area (some sources saying it is now over 50 percent captured).
Finally, Al-Raihan town (near Duma city) saw continued clashes between Syrian forces and militants where the former managed to advance deeper into the settlement, capturing its mosque, as well as on its outskirts, locating and destroying several belts of trenches and tunnels.
Heavy clashes continue.

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