Israeli Jets Pound Hamas Positions in Gaza After Bomb Explodes on Border

The Israeli military frequently bombs the Gaza Strip in retaliation for attacks staged by Hamas militants.
Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes on several Hamas targets in the central Gaza Strip on Saturday night hours after an explosive device went off outside the border fence which separates the Palestinian enclave from the territory of the Jewish state, Press TV reported.
Earlier on Saturday, at least one Palestinian man had sustained injuries when Israeli tanks destroyed a Hamas observation post in the eastern part of the Gaza Strip in response to the bombing.
On Sunday, the Israeli military command said that its forces deployed along the border with Gaza had thwarted an attempt by the Hamas militant group to rebuild an attack tunnel near the Kerem Shalom border crossing.
The continuing Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip has caused a decline in the living standards of the enclave’s population resulting in unprecedented levels of unemployment and unrelenting poverty, Press TV wrote.
The number of Hamas-stage attacks on Israel and retaliatory airstrikes by Israel has spiked following US President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state.
In December 2017, Hamas responded to Trump’s decision by announcing the beginning of the third “intifada.” The previous intifadas in 1987-1991 and 2000-2005 left hundreds of Israelis and thousands of Palestinians dead.

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