Ghouta Map : Syrian Army recaptures key army barrack dominated by rebels in 2012

As all the eyes on the eastern Ghouta developments, the Syrian forces continue its military ops steadily, squeezing on the jihadist groups.
Military sources announced that the well-hardened troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) succeeded in liberating the strategic air-defense battalion in Aftares area in the middle sector of the eastern Ghouta.
The rebel groups of “Liwaa Al-Habib Al-Mustafa” managed to capture the Aftares battlion in 2012
The Syrian Troops also managed to liberate  Hawash al-Ash’ari area and Jisreen Farm after heavy clashes with militants .
Earlier , A new humanitarian corridor is now available for East Ghouta civilians to leave the rebel-held enclave, a military source said today .. Read More 

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