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East Ghouta Map Update: Syrian Army accomplishes great advance capturing Nashabiya and Utaya strongholds

A field source in East Ghouta confirmed to Muraselon that Syrian Army units captured the strategic Utaya stronghold south of the air defense base after fierce battles with the terrorist groups deployed in the region.
The capture of Utaya led to the establishment of a fire perimeter around the militants’ positions in Nashabiya and its surroundings which forced the militants to escape the area as other Syrian Army units chased after them with machine guns and military vehicles inflicting huge losses in manpower and tanks, BMPs, and armored vehicles.
This development led to the Syrian Army’s full control of the villages of Utaya, Hazrama, Nashabiya, Hawsh Zriqa, Tal Firzat, and Hawsh al-Salhiya all located in the southeastern sector of Eastern Ghouta.
The SAA’s High Command implemented a strategy aimed at fatiguing the extremist rebels through igniting several fronts and splitting up geographical areas into many parts and then flanking their interlocked positions. This is the way the Syrian Army managed to liberate the big pocket east of the Air Defense Base which the militants have fortified heavily as they expected a loyalist assault in their direction, but the army surprised them and attacked them from the rear forcing them to cede their positions.
Army units managed to capture dozens of trenches and tunnels rebels used for concealment and mobilization. During the last battles, over 63 militants were confirmed killed while others were captured.
And with those events, the Syrian Army has managed to achieve a great military death within a short period of time of launching the East Ghouta op while a military source informed Muraselon that heavy clashes are currently taking place in the outskirts of Shifuniya where the Syrian Army continues its advances amidst crumbling rebel ranks.

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