Civilians from Eastern Ghouta: Terrorists pillaged medical aid sent to Ghouta

civilians continue to leave eastern Ghouta where terrorists have been using them as a tool for leverage, disturbing testimonies have cast light on their monopoly over the medical and food aid which entered the area previously under terrorists’ control.
According to civilians’ testimonies, terrorists have pillaged tons of medicine shipments that the Syrian government, aided by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, had dispatched into Ghouta, selling it to civilians at astronomical prices.
In one of Harasta streets, SANA interviewed Maher al-Beirouti, a civilian from the recently-liberated suburb. Surrounded by his five kids, the embittered al-Beirouti spoke about the suffering of civilians who have been denied medicine and medical care.
“We have been denied access to medicine while their stores were packed to the rafters with it. They claim to be an Islamic state. They are terrorists,’’ he told SANA.
On Thursday, a unit of the Syrian army discovered during combing operations in Hazzeh, Ain Tarma and Harasta a field hospital equipped with medical devices and medicine stolen from government hospitals.
Western states and international organizations have turned a blind eye to these facts, blaming the Syrian government for a deteriorating humanitarian situation in Ghouta.
Since civilians began to leave eastern Ghouta, the Syrian government has spared no effort to secure food and medical aid and provide medical services for civilians residing in makeshift centers. On Friday, 12 trucks loaded with food and relief assistance arrived to the locals in Ein Tarma town in addition to a mobile clinic of the Red Crescent to provide free health services to people there.

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