Breaking : Syrian Forces score new advance in E.Ghouta

The Syrian army continues operation against militants in E.Ghouta and managed this evening to score new advance and capture new areas east of Uataya town in E.Ghouta
where a military source told Muraselon website that SAA units managed to advance and capture Hawsh Al-Zariqyah town after launching an attack from SAA positions in Hazrama town
The source added that this advance is a further step in besieging Al-Nashabiyah town which was captured by the Syrian Army for 1 day before being forced to retreat from it
also the new advance from Hawsh Zariqyah in parallel with advance from the recently captured air defense base toward Uataya will propel SAA to work on creating a pocket inside E.Ghouta where militants will have no choice but to retreat or get besieged

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