Breaking map | Syrian forces capture big residential district from terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

Syrian Army units of the elite Tiger Forces have captured the residential district of Saqba in Eastern Ghouta from terrorists of the Faylaq al-Rahman and Nusra Front militant organizations.
Government troops stormed Saqba on Saturday and seized it just moments ago after civilians existed the district into areas controlled by the Syrian Army.
Clashes continue in the nearby district of Kafr Batna which reliable sources say in now 50 percent under the control of Syrian forces led by the Republican Guard.
Recently, Nusra Front conducted a car bomb attack in Jisreen to recapture the district from the Syrian Army but the assault was repelled.
Finally it is worth noting that the town of Al-Raihan is only 70 percent under the control of Syrian forces, with the remaining 30 percent under Jaysh al-Islam control. The militant group also controls the nearby Al-Farabi school.

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