Breaking Map | Syrian Army annihilates militants in E.Ghouta with daring night assault , captures new area

Military source told Muraselon website that the Syrian army units captured this evening the air defense base called ( Pechora regiment base) located north of Utaya town in Easten  Ghouta after a swift night assault done by SAA units targeting militant positions in the area.
the source added that the night assault launched from Syrian army positions in recently captured Hawsh Dawahra town, where heavy clashes erupted inside the air defense base between SAA and Nusra terrorists who suffered high losses in the area
SAA T-90s tanks participated in the assault and were able to destroy many positions for militants with precious strikes
Read more | In Pictures +18 | Syrian Army kills many militants in Eastern Ghouta battle
The capture of Uataya air defense base came after less than 24 hours of SAA capturing Hawsh Dawahra town and breaking of militants 1st defense lines in the area

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