syrian army units prepare a new passage for evacuating gunmen and their families from Joubar

Army units on Saturday prepared a new passage on the outskirts of Harasta city to evacuate gunmen who refused the reconciliation along with their families through the southern part of Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside province.
SANA delegate to Harasta said that Army’s bulldozers are working to remove barricades and open the main street near the Water Resource Bridge in order to open a new passage for buses that will transfer gunmen and their families from the towns of Joubar, Zamalka, Erbin and Ain Tarma.
The delegate clarified that it is expected during the upcoming days that hundreds of gunmen and their families from Joubar, Erbin and Zamalka will be evacuated and transferred through buses in a scenario similar to that of Harasta.
SANA delegate pointed out that the gunmen’s submission and exit from towns and villages of Eastern Ghouta come as a result of the great and accelerating victories of the Syrian Arab Army in its wide military operations launched in the middle of the past month.
He added that army units are working on opening streets and removing barricades in Harasta city in preparation for the entry of the engineering units as to cleanse the city of mines and explosives.

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